On the Other Side of Fear

by These Fast Times

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On the Other Side of Fear is about putting in all everything you've got and getting nothing but heartbreak in return. A journey for finding yourself again and a hopeful future worth striving for.


released July 20, 2018

In association with Thousand Islands Records
Mixed & Mastered @ TruSonix Studios by Jesse Zito


all rights reserved



These Fast Times Montreal, Québec

4 Piece PC band from Montreal Canada. Unoriginal and loving it.

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Track Name: It's Not Just Me
Lately I’ve been trying to figure out
Why i've been feeling so sorry for myself
I just got back to when i can have you
I guess that’s just in my head
Has she been waiting for me
Don’t ignore me
Better left unsaid
On every word on every nerve
Will you miss me when i’m dead?

And now this has gone on for too long
My goals and my love on the way side
No matter what
I'll get her back
Until she finally leaves
Thank god it's not just me

So what could possibly be the problem
When our lives become so mundane
When security overwrites passion
Roll over and start again
If i could take back every action
Distraction you’ve become
On every curve you'll never learn
I'll see you when we’re done
Track Name: Ashley Madison
Every change has made this easy
Putting foul thoughts inside my head
A click of the mouse there goes your spouse
I’ll meet you in a dark alley by the pier

All along you’ve been at my door
Not getting enough of me no more

Because there’s you and me
Not quite so discrete
Stuck here together in insanity
And it’s not just your life anymore

It took me awhile to figure it out
All those quiet nights I thought by yourself
No matter who there's always someone else
It’s too late, what we had is now gone

I’m just gonna lay here in the background
Let it sit, see what will go down

The bonds are breaking and you’re pulling back
I feel so disconnected give me heart attacks
That’s like you... it’s just time to go

Just don’t lie to me fill this with treason
When all this horrid shit falls down
Track Name: My Thanks
I’ve been up
All this shit has kept me up all goddamn night
Just wish I could lay this to rest
No one ever tells you that when you grow up
We all just stay so eager yet so dumb

But I, I’ll give her my heart everything I’ve ever had to her
And let her beat it to the ground just like i thought
I wrote another stupid love song no one ever got
My thanks to you

So find comfort in a stranger
And just pass me to the curb
Lose sight of everything we worked for
I know that money’s tight
but it doesn’t give you the right to leave me here
So just leave me here.

But i just wanted you to like me
too much bullshit can wear a man down
Track Name: Take Me Home
It's 3 am and i'm alone
Just waiting for the darkness of my past take me home
And just lie awake
Thinking about the end and all the choices that we've made

So here i am without you
Without a doubt my heart gives out
Sitting drunk with resentment
I just don't know how to get you back
And face the horrors of my past
Please just take me home

Remember this used to be our place
I come here everyday and never see your face
So selfish, so pretty, the jerk off that missed me
I can’t stand it i hate this game

From way up here i’m looking down on what i thought i’d leave behind
But it’s not mine
The lights turn on and blind me just to grab someone beside me
But she’s not mine
Track Name: That Was Easy
I remember when I was trying to hard
Trying to substantiate something I could put together
Looking at our place from every end
Never sign, never bend
Letting go has never been so easy

Say what you want to me
I’m not coming back
They seem like lies to me
Bending every truth we had
And here i stand
Waiting for the axe to fall
Can i mend this?
Can we get through it all?

Drag my feet through sidewalks
Contemplating every disaster
Wasting every chance i’ve ever had
Talking to myself
Crazy like there'd be no one else
I’ve had enough of trying to make me suffer
Looking back on what I hold
Keep me pressed i don’t know
And now I see
It would be so easy
Track Name: The Grind
I’ve been stuck inside this limbo
I can’t seem to leave my head
Every thought has chained me
Wish it freed me instead
One day I’ll be gone
Nothing will matter in the end
I hope one day I’ll see you again

Why can’t this be easy
I can’t ever seem to win
Everyday is pushing
But I know I’ll never quit
Will I pick you up
Or get shot down
I have to deal with myself
When there’s no one around

I’ve been wearing down my shoes
Thinking to much about the past
Quitting every interest
Every passion i’ve ever had
Life’s too short to be cautious
Loss has come, I realize
No one’s ever perfect
Unless you’ve seen through others eyes
Makes me feel
Like nothing
I’m not nothing
Track Name: Lights Too Loud
I haven't been taking this so well
To many lies seem to enslaved me
Do you wake up with anxiety?
Do you have the same dreams nightly just like me?
But This isn’t what life is all about
You sleep with me yet live on the couch

Lights too loud
I can't see you through this god damn crowd
Make me believe
You'll come home with me
It’s just that easy
Live a lie just come inside and let’s do this on our own
I just wanna be the man I used to know

You used to fall asleep with the TV on
You used to wait up for me all night long
But you don’t look at me same way anymore
I haven’t taken this to heart
It’s already been broken by a few I thought i was something special
But here i am playing the fool
Track Name: On Our Way
I had a lot to say you
But nothing’s going right
We had a lot to get through today
But we left it on the inside
To bad for me to bad for you...

You’re looking at me the same way
With the same old lies again

When will we get through today and be on our way?
When will we leave this place and be OK?
It’s just not OK

Take me back to a time we had
Bring me back to life
We could stay out all night
And party until 5
But that’s all changed

No one said this would be easy
We’ll keep doing it over again

Let me go, let me live, or let me die
The life you chose could eat you up inside
To think I was the man who’d drop everything on a dime
Leaving everything i’ve made behind
Don’t get me, don’t worry
When It’s about money
Track Name: Movies or Popcorn
She gets on with life as a princess
She's a short kinda gal
She likes tasting wine on Sundays
Giving up chores throughout the week
And now you know
How much time you’ve let go
Wasting every hour
Stuck inside a daydream

Sometimes when I look at her
I look into her eyes and i think
I notice the way she’s contemplating
Wasting time throughout the week

But she thinks movies are her life
Why is it so hard to decide?
Whichever she seems to love more?
Movies or Popcorn?

He’s stuck in front of his computer screen
He’s a workaholic guy
He likes his whiskey drink on Mondays
Breaking even throughout the week
And now you know
How much time you’ve let go
Wasting every hour
Stuck inside a daydream
Track Name: End of the Day
One day this will all be over
I won’t be here to comfort you
When I’m gone she’ll come around
One day I hope so soon

Back to the streets of my past
Letting go of what we had
Can maybe help me say farewell
Not like I’d ever want to
Desperately holding on
When fate hasn’t been so kind
By no fault of my own
I just can’t seem to let you go

End of the day your acting strange
What's going on don't be my enemy
Build me up then shoot me down
Will I be here for another round

I’d struggle with words to help me write
Stretch the truth out every time
When either side can’t seem to win
A hole this size you can’t fill in
No matter how bad it’s been worth it
Misery, love and no hope
By the time you’d come around
I just can’t seem to let you go
Track Name: Dad Core
I wonder what you’ve done throughout the years to keep things together
As I’ve gotten older now I seem to understand you more
I’ve got my own family now and the weight of life holding me down
Sometimes i feel like giving up too
But I’m not you

Just wanted to let go
Cause we are home
Just wanted to let go
Cause we are home

Somedays it feels as if i’m walking on glass
I wonder if i’m even where i’m supposed to be
I feel like growing up is just one of those things you need
Just let me go, just let me leave, just let me die
I’ve kept this up inside
Seeing them free
Keeps me on my feet

Now that you’re gone
I’ll never see you again
Would I have even gone to
See you again
Were you scared when you took your last breath to the floor
I wonder if I’ll go out the same way
Would my family even miss me
I hope for your sake you were right
And i was wrong

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